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Hallo, gute Ware und prommte Lieferung, gerne wieder. MFG R. Müller.

Top! Gerne Wieder!

How can I download the instruction manual in PDF format?

Does Polymorphic shrink when cooling?

Imperceptibly. In our tests, we weren't able to measure any difference.

Is it possible to colour Polymorph?

It is possible to paint Polymorph.
See our dice example Dice

We found that for colouring Polymorph you can use coloured chalk. Just ground the chalk into fine powder and press the melted Polymorph into it.
Repeat this progress a few times.

Does Polymorph become brittle at sub-zero temperatures?

We haven't had any problems in the freezer at -20°C. We haven't tried below that yet, perhaps we'll have chance to further experiment later this Winter.

How can I enquire the status of my order?

Enter your order number top left and click on view.

Ist diese Website auch in Deutsch verfügbar?

Ja, Sie können auf das Deutsch Icon oben rechts klicken. Oder folgen Sie diesen Link.